New Start

Woo! Finally getting back into the swing of things.

First, here's some animation for you!

20130116 seq01 sc04 from Lis Savic on Vimeo.

The end of last year was kind of crazy, and as a result, everything got put aside. With the start of a new year, I've been able to get back to work on the film. I also got a chance to create a new workroom to animate in! No more pups wanting to sit on my lap while I animate, or running around, or barking. I love my dogs, but they were quite a distraction.

Here are some photos of the new workroom!

Tea station for late night brewing!


TMGA: Year One

Coming June 2013! The Many Great Adventures: Year One!

Since I'm somehow not busy enough with class work and film work and portfolio work... I'm gonna be starting up a new project soon! I'll be posting snippets here and there while I get things going.


Watercolor Experiment

I missed Saturday as I was spending the weekend with my boyfriend for our fourth anniversary. :]

Anyway, here's a mid-week update with some watercolor experiments I was doing for the film! I've been doing the backgrounds in Photoshop, but several months ago, my boyfriend recommended trying the dream world backgrounds as paintings. I finally decided to sit down and play with the idea a bit. Here are a few quick tests:



So here's a shot I finished the other day!

seq02 _sc12_CLEAN from Lis Savic on Vimeo.


Clean Up Comparisons

No animation today; been a hectic week.

However, I figured it might help to see some of the differences between what I am doing now, and the old animation. Please click to see larger drawings. Also, each pair was scanned with the exact same settings on a pegbar, so they are all direct comparisons.

First up, here's Ellie:
A drawing from oh, about a year ago I suppose, vs one from last week, using the new pj's design:

And here's some with Celeste:

And the Phoenix:

So you can see it's actually pretty different now! Obviously the designs have changed, but the drawings are also more solid and have more volume. I didn't actually realize how much better the new phoenix drawings are than the old ones until scanning them tonight!


Animation Update!

Two pencil tests for today!

The first is the clean up for the rough scene I posted last week. It's finally done! (I did make a few edits after watching this.) And yes, the phoenix does have a body, but adding an extra layer made it too dark to see the animation.
seq01_sc02_CLEAN from Lis Savic on Vimeo.

The second was actually finished earlier, but for some reason I didn't post it! Either way, it's here now. I will be making a small change to this scene and adding the new pajama details, but otherwise it's also good to go.
seq02_sc07_CLEAN from Lis Savic on Vimeo.


Drawing Dump!

Here's a mid-week drawing dump! I post a lot of stuff over on my other blog, including TMGA-related drawings. I thought I'd go ahead and post all of those here too, where they belong.